TODAY, December 26th, at The Dickens Project

It's Boxing Day at The Dickens Project, and we'll be featuring an encore as well as moving into our all-about-the-ghosts after Christmas phase.

Did you miss out on the first great Pony Palooza?  There's one more chance to get your own bit of equine cuteness, to trot by your side and brighten your virtual day.  Find the trio-pony ride on the region (NOT the solo riding Merrylegs pony) and ride for 10 minutes to receive your very own Shetland Pony Companion, Courtesy of Elite Equestrian. From 10am to 1pm slt only!  Then Pony Palooza 2019 is officially over.

All story events today happen at Innsmoth house. Teleport from the main landing area.

@ 2pm: Original Hauntings with Caledonia Skytower

@ 3pm: Lovecraftian Tales - The Festival, with Arik Metger

@7pm: Victorian Ghost Tales with Shandon Loring

Dickens Square Main Landing Point

For additional events at The Dickens Project check out the Dickens Calendar & Events Page

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