The 2018 Edition: 
November 30 - December 30

Now in its sixth year, Seanchai Library presents THE DICKENS PROJECT to celebrate the work of one of the masters of 19th Century literature, whose humanistic voice continues to be a relevant one in our everyday culture.

This year's Project will once more be hosted on Linden Endowment for the Arts Region 7 featuring music, dance, and plenty of stories, plus some fun new things that we are excited to tell you more about.


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CURRENT WEEK ScheduleFinal Week!

Events on Closing Day - Sunday, December 30th - will take place in Resolution Square in the SW corner of LEA 7 (click here for slurl). All other events will take place in Dickens Square near the region's main landing point.
  • Friday, December 28th from 2-3:30pm: GHOST STORIES with Da5id Abbot and Caledonia Skytower - featuring Dickens' The Signal-Man and more.
  • Saturday, December 29th from 2-3:30pm: GHOST STORIES with VT Torvalar and Kayden Oconnell - featuring tales from de Maupassant, Kipling, E.F. Benson and more!
  • Sunday, December 30th from 1:30-2pm: Maeve Binchy's short stories "A Cure for Sleeplessness" and "One Night A Year" with Aoife Lorefield and Caledonia Skytower
  • Sunday, December 30th from 2-5pm: REFLECTIONS ON A NEW YEAR - musical musings with DJ's Elrik Merlin, Ktadhn Vesuvino, and Gabrielle Riel.

SCROLL to the calendar at the bottom of this page to preview upcoming events.

BRAND NEW this year at the Dickens Project :

You are invited you to participate in a new way: become an urchin in Dickens' London!
What Is This? It is a game that combines elements of the SL hunt, free form (and optional) role play, and an invitation to create (and share) your story. Click Here for more information and to begin your Urchin journey.

This year, you can even further immerse yourself in Dickens' timeless holiday ghost story. Miss the live story tours?  You can enjoy sounds of the story anytime by grabbing a sound hud at the landing point, and enjoying selected sounds and text from the A Christmas Carol as you journey through Past, Present, and Yet to Come.

Seanchai Library and The Dickens Project would also like to thank Vivian Williams of Voyager Recordings and Publications for allowing us to use the recording of "Sir Roger De Coverley" from their album "Fiddle Tunes of the Lewis & Clark Era" this year. Look for it at Fezziwig's Warehouse in the Christmas Past Docks area.

We're pleased to welcome our Community Partners to this year's Project. Look for their "shops." Find out what they contribute to our community life, and where, on the Second Life Grid:

Ce Soir Arts
The Community Virtual Library
Elite Equestrian
Idle Rogue Productions
Innsmouth - H.P. Lovecraft Inspired
Misfit Dance & Performance Art in SL
Radio Riel

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