LOOK FOR THE BOOKS: And Other "Free Advice" from The Dickens Project

Whether it's the free Victorian clothes from Trabb Tailors and Perrybingle & Plummer, a meat pie from the Alley, Corwyn Allen's recipe for Smoking Bishop, or those special holiday trinkets ... you will find them in abundance at The Dickens Project.
In particular we want to point out the copies of A Christmas Carol that you can find throughout the region. They come in four colors featuring the covers of several early editions of the novella, and contain free gifts from our Participating Communities. The books were created by Aoife Lorefield, and will also give you your very own copy of the book object. Look! Click!  Fear not!

"Welcome, everything! Welcome, alike what has been, and what never was, and what we hope may be, to your shelter underneath the holly, to your places round the Christmas fire, where what is sits open- hearted! . . . On Christmas Day, we will shut out from our fireside, Nothing."

~ from What Christmas Is As We Grow Older by Charles Dickens

For more on what to see and discover at The Dickens Project, visit our special Things to Discover and Gifts page.

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