FRIDAY, December 27th at 6pm: TEA DANCE Take 2 at The Dickens Project


A dance and ANOTHER chance for role play!

The Setting: The Lady Agatha is hosting a *second* Tea Dance in (possibly vain) attempt to rescue her niece's reputation after the debacle of the last dance.

Her niece, the Lady Helen, a younger daughter of the Earl of Marshwold, barely showed up at the last dance and was *not* accompanied her fiancé, the Hon. Charles Smithington-Smythe, a wealthy young gentleman of the ton.

And the rumours! Gossips (Lady Agatha can call them nothing else!) are saying Smithington-Smythe is not who he says he is. Even worse, that he has been seen paying his attentions to other ladies, if such they be!

To provide a distraction, Lady Agatha has invited servants, staff, and others of the lower orders to stop by and receive their Boxing Day gifts.

Gossip will be happening! Possibly hi-jinx! Come and add your share!

Music by DJ Ktadhn Vesuvino, and Hosted by Aoife Lorefield. Choose your character as you prefer or contact Aoife to ask for suggestions! 

Victorian dress is requested for this event. If you need some, there are free outfits available at the shops on Dickens Square.

All times slt/Pacific
Dickens Square Main Landing Point

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