BREAKING NEWS from The Livery at The Dickens Project

There's exciting news from the Livery at The Dickens Project, located in the Northeast part of the region.  Two fun additions to the equine activity of The Project will be coming up in the next few days.

Thursday, December 12th at 3pm: PONY CLASS. 
Our pony-in-residence, Merrylegs, is adorable and has a personality all his own, including an acute distaste for mesh bounding boxes. Dagmar Kohime acquaints you with the ins and outs of working with Merry, and offers tips and trick to make your pony-riding experience enjoyable

Saturday, December 14th from Noon to 8pm: FREE Pony Companion Give-away
You can have a pony for Christmas, courtesy of Elite Equestrian. isn't that what you've always wanted?  From Noon to 8pm only, on Saturday come and find the pony ride, and ride for 18 minutes to Win your FREE, totally adorable, Shetland Pony Companion.

NOTE: this is not a riding pony.  It will walk beside you and look adorable, and you will be the envy of your friends . . . but it is not kitted out to be ridden.

All times slt/Pacific.

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