Dickens Events & Calendar

Welcome to the events page. This year's Dickens Project will feature nearly 100 hours of events!
All times listed SLT/Pacific.

You can always find the events each day...
Posted on the event board near the point landing point. Teleports to various venues around The Dickens Project and Dickens Harbour will also be available at the main landing point:

Key Landmarks This Week:

The Dickens Project - This Weekend:
Important Note: There will be events at The Dickens Project through January 3rd. Because of the number of events we have scheduled, with some still being confirmed, we are posting one week at a time. Check this page for updates.

Saturday, January 2nd: 
  • 1pm: NEW YEAR SKATE! Poetry and Music in a special party at the Skating Pond in Christmas Past, just North of  
    Dickens Square - Dickens Project - Main Landing Point
Sunday, January 3rd: 
  • 2pm: THE LAST DANCE at DICKENS: Fred & Clara cordially invite you to a house party through the ages - past to present - with good food, good music, and good company in  
    Dickens Square - Dickens Project - Main Landing Point

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sitearm said...

Where might I find the full schedule for events scheduled for all weeks? Looking forward to the program. Thank you for posting!

Dagmar Kohime said...

sitearm, you will find the full calendar here:

MistyAnne said...

Pity the Story Tour's are on so late - 2pm SLT is 10pm UK, 11pm-1am European.