TODAY, December 12th, at The Dickens Project

@ NOON ~ Tea Dance in the Opera House
A dance AND a chance for role play!
Hosted by Aoife Lorefield, Music by Ktadhn Vesuvino
'til 2:00 pm SLT

The Setting: The Lady Agatha is hosting a Tea Dance in honor of her niece, a younger daughter of the Earl of Marshwold, the Lady Helen who has just become affianced to the Hon. Charles Smithington-Smythe, a wealthy young gentleman of the ton.

Many of the Upper Ten Thousand have been invited but what are these rumors swirling around? Some are saying Smithington-Smythe is not who he says he is! And even worse, that he has been seen paying his attentions to other ladies, if such they be!

Lady Agatha wants to believe that this is the work of jealous matchmaking mama's who wanted the man for their own paltry daughters. But can she? Is there really something wrong?

Gossip will be happening! Come and add your share!

[Choose your character as you prefer or contact Aoife to ask for suggestions! )

Victorian dress is requested for this event. If you need some, there are free outfits available at the shops on Dickens Square. Teleport to the Opera House is available in Dickens Square.

Learn more about Roleplay at The Dickens Project

@ 3pm ~ Pony Class!

We have a pony!  Our Merrylegs is about as cute as he can be, and has a personality all his own.  Dagmar Kohime, our resident Equine Whisperer, shares tips and tricks for making your pony-riding experience at The Dickens Project All that it can be!

Meet in Dickens Square, or look for Dagmar on the region when you land.

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