TODAY, December 13th at The Dickens Project

Another opportunity to see a superb show, plus exciting things coming this weekend: 

Friday, December 13th

@ 9am slt: The NonProfit Commons Tour
The Community Virtual Library hosts the NPC tour of the Resource Center. A teleport to the Resource Center is available in Dickens Square .

@ 8pm slt: Idle Rogue Productions presents THE MIDNIGHT DINNER
An outstanding concept in dance entertainment as story-telling, presenting beloved characters from Dickens and Victoriana. Please enjoy the experience of attending in costume at The Opera House, free clothing is available in the stores at ground level. 
There will be a direct teleport from the Dickens Square landing point. Or teleport directly to The Opera House sky box.  There's one other option, though, that is worth considering. Take the hot air balloon ride from the shores of the skating pond just north of The Square.  In 20 minutes you'll find yourself at the front door of the Opera House.
Seating begins at 7pm, and seats will fill fast for this show.

Coming Saturday: Want a Pony for Christmas?

We'll be giving them away on Saturday from Noon to 8pm slt.  Find the trio pony circle ride (NOT the pony the stand-alone riding pony) and ride it for the designated time to receive your own Shetland Pony Companion, created by Elite Equestrian.  It is NOT a riding horse, but a sweet companion who will trot by your side, adding that extra bit of Equine cuteness to you day.

FOR MORE on upcoming events at THE DICKENS PROJECT, visit the Events & Calendar page.

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