WEDNESDAY, July 2nd at 7pm: TALL TALES ~ American Legends

 "Just because it is a Tall Tale, don't mean it ain't true!"  

Davy Crockett, Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, John Henry and more.  Legends?  Or were they real people whose large lives have gotten even larger with the telling and retelling of their adventures.

The tall tale is a fundamental element of American folk literature. The tall tale's origins are seen in the bragging contests that often occurred when the rough men of the American frontier gathered. The tales of legendary figures of the Old West, some listed below, owe much to the style of tall tales.

Tall tales are often told in a way that makes the narrator seem to have been a part of the story. They are usually humorous or good-natured. The line between legends and tall tales is distinguished primarily by age; many legends exaggerate the exploits of their heroes, but in tall tales the exaggeration looms large, to the extent of becoming the whole of the story.

Caledonia live in voice with legendary men and women from American folklore.

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