WEDNESDAY, July 23rd at 7pm: CUT FROM THE SAME CLOTH - Legendary American Women in Folktales

So, we've heard from the men-folk, but what about the ladies?  Ladies abound in American folktales.  As the character Aunt Nancy says in one memorable tale of this wonderful collection:

" Let me tell you that when a woman starts out to be trickish she can beat a man every time, 'cause her mind works a heap faster.  She sees all 'round and over and underneath and on both sides of a thing . . . Meanwhile, a man's just tryin' to stare plumb through it!'

A collection of legends from different areas of the country featuring fifteen of America's little-known heroines, such as Molly Cotton-Tail, Brer Rabbit's clever sister. By the author of The Talking Eggs, Robert D. San Souci.

Caledonia Skytower, live in voice.

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