THIS WEEK at Seanchai Library

We bring stories of all kinds to life, in Second Life
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Events at Seanchai Library this week - all stories told in open voice, all times SLT (Pacific Time):

SPECIAL!  Sunday, July 13th at NOON -  ALOHA!  THE BLUES BROTHERS at Imagination Island!  Grab your lei and bring your umbrella drink . . . Jake and Elwood are on a "mission from God" to spread the gospel of blues, and help the CVL raise funds to keep Imagination Island alive, well, and providing resources and inspiration here in Second Life.

Monday, July 14th at 7 pm -  SPACE WARS, with Gyro Muggins.  THIS WEEK: "The Colonel's Tiger" Continues

Tuesday, July 15th  at 7 pm - More Stories from THE OZLAND GALLERY with Llola Lane

Wednesday, July 16th at  7 pm  "OLD WOMAN" - Cailleach Tales with Aoife Niphredil

Thursday, July 17th at:  
  • 7 pm  -  SHARK MYTHS & LEGENDS with Shandon Loring
  • 9 pm  -  SEANCHAI LATE NIGHT  with Finn Zeddmore

All stories in voice and take place at Seanchai Libray on Imagination Island, unless otherwise noted. Schedule subject to change, because that is just how life is sometimes.  

All sessions at the Seanchai Library are offered free to Second Life (c) Residents.  Guests are welcome to join us in donating to our featured charity Our featured charity for July-August is WildAid (  WildAid's mission is to end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetimes They operate six different programs focusing on elephants, rhinos, sharks, tigers, marine protection, and climate change.

Have questions? IM or notecard Caledonia Skytower.

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