THURSDAY July 17th at 7pm: SHARK LIFE! from author Peter Benchley

Sharks come from a wing of the dark castle where our nightmares live—deep water beyond our sight and understanding—and so they stimulate our fears and fantasies and imaginations. Shark attacks on human beings generate a tremendous amount of media coverage, partly because they occur so rarely, but mostly because people are, and always have been, simultaneously intrigued and terrified by sharks. Tonights story session brings light to the truth about sharks with high adventure and real information from master storyteller Peter Benchley - author of Jaws, The Deep, Beast, and many more.


STICK AROUND FOR 9PM'S SEANCHAI LATE NIGHT ~ Finn Zeddmore this week with  "The Contemporary Foxwife" by Yoon Ha Lee plus more great late night Sci-Fi!

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