SUNDAY, December 30th beginning at 1pm: FINAL DAY of The Dickens Project!

The time has come to say good-bye, for now, to the most magical edition of The Dickens Project SL yet!  Our view goes forward today: facing the potential of a waxing new year, as well as celebrating the achievements of the waning.

Join us in Resolution Square (as in the act of bringing to a conclusion, not in the making of) for two final events today:

From 1-2pm : STORIESMaeve Binchy's short stories "A Cure for Sleeplessness" and "One Night A Year" with Aoife Lorefield and Caledonia Skytower, live in SL Voice.

From 2-5pm: REFLECTIONS ON A NEW YEAR. If it were music, what would a new year sound like? Musical possibilities with Radio Riel presenters Elrik Merlin and Gabrielle Riel, joined by guest DJ Ktadhn Vesuvino.  Live on stream on LEA 7, and broadcast on Radio Riel Main Stream (but really, you want to come and dance with us!)

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