WEDNESDAY, December 19th at THE DICKENS PROJECT: Stories, Music, and Wootmas!

More to see and do at The Dickens Project Today!

Image courtesy of Inara Pey
Today's Story Tours: Stave Three, The Second of Three Spirits

"Awaking in the middle of a prodigiously tough snore, and sitting up in bed to get his thoughts together, Scrooge had no occasion to be told that the bell was again upon the stroke of One. . . ."
~ Stave Three, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Two readings at two different times, live in voice, all times slt.
                     ~ 2pm -  with Aoife Lorefield
                     ~ 7pm - with Kayden Oconnell

Look for the big red carpet in Dickens Square for the starting point of the session.

Special Bonus Events Today!

At 1:45pm in Dickens Square - WOOTMAS! The Raglan Shire Tiny Carolers

3-4:30pm in Dickens Square - Music and dancing with DJ Dano Bookmite

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