THURSDAY, December 27th, 2pm at The Dickens Project: GHOST STORIES!

We take a different path at The Dickens Project, sharing ghost stories from a number of authors whose names are NOT Charles Dickens.

Elrik Merlin presents two selections from the work of English novelist Alan Garner: the Arthurian fantasy Tarn Wethelan, and The Smoker.  The author is best known for his children's fantasy novels and his retellings of traditional British folk tales. Much of Garner's  work is firmly rooted in the landscape, history and folklore of his native county of Cheshire, North West England, being set in the region and making use of the native Cheshire dialect.

Caledonia Skytower presents M.R. James' 1925 short story A Warning to the Curious; the tale of Paxton, an antiquarian and archaeologist who holidays in "Seaburgh" and inadvertently stumbles across one of the three lost crowns of Anglia, which legendarily protect the country from invasion. Upon digging the crown up, Paxton is stalked by its supernatural guardian.

Presented live on stream in Dickens Square.

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