WEDNESDAY, December 26th at The Dickens Project

Time for us to take a broader view, in this well of time between Christmas and New Years.  For the last five days of The Project, we'll be presenting a wide variety of things - not just Dickens!

So here we go, into the home stretch. Today we focus on the southern shore of LEA 7, and this year's Urchin experience:
  • @ 11am: STORIES with a Lovecraftian Flair with Arik Metzger
  • @ NOON: WALD SCHRIDDE live with Sea Shanties
  • From 1-3pm: THE URCHIN EXTRAVAGANZA: music, dancing, parade, and frolic with Aoife Lorefield! All are welcome!
Look for the short cut teleport at the main landing point.

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