Starting next week, Seanchai Library will be testing some new session times in addition to our regular Mon - Thurs 7pm programming.   The first of these sessions will be Thursday, October 31st at 4pm, and a "Seanchai Late Night" will also launch that day at 9pm.  All times SLT.

If these sessions draw enough of a consistent audience, they may become part of the regular Seanchai schedule, just as Tea Time was added in 2012.

We are pretty confident about the 4pm session placement, though we might yet experiment.  We are still deciding which day of the week might be most auspicious for a late night story audience.  Are you on the West Coast of the Americas or in the Pacific? Would you be interested in such a session?  What Night?

Take our online survey found in the right-hand margin and let us know.  Poll Closes November 1st.

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