TUESDAY, October 15th @ 7:00pm: HER OWN WORDS

A different kind of ghost story from our own Caledonia.  No rattling chains or glowing spectral figures.  Just words.  Ever been haunted by your own words?  What if you were haunted by them literally?  A woman is pursued by words she wrote over 30 years ago, and struggles with how to end being haunted by HER OWN WORDS

A new original short story by Caledonia Skytower (Judith Cullen) read live in voice.

Starting tomorrow, October 16th, this story will be part of author Lissa Bryan's Online Ghost Story Competition.  You can visit the "Ghostwriter" Ghost Story Contest Blog and vote for Cale's Story HER OWN WORDS if you like, or any of the other submissions.  The winning story will be announced on Halloween!

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