Three, count'em, THREE great story sessions today full of stories perfect for the day.  Get your snack, your beverage of choice, get a sweater or someone to cuddle, cause THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE!

@4PM - A Selection from THE REAPER MAN
Dubhna and Caledonia bring Terry Pratchett's ghoulish romp to life in an encore of their 2012 presentation.

Death has been told he has lost his job, because he has been showing disturbing indications of individuality. The Auditors, who appear as grey floating faceless figures, have therefore appealed to Azrael himself to banish Death and allow a new Death to take his place, who will emerge after a period of … readjustment. 

Death then becomes subject to his own death, he is given a lifespan, in the form of a timer, to live out as he sees fit. He and his horse, Binky, must come to live as mortals in the world. He takes on the identity of Bill Door, working on a certain Miss Flitworth's farm, and begins to learn what it is to be human, and to fear death. This is not to say he actually is human, or even resembles one. Meanwhile with no Death in the world strange things began to happen. 

@ 7PM - AMBROSE BIERCE: The Way of Ghosts

Ambrose Bierce is renowned for his ghost and war stories from the mid-1800's. He wrote from his own experiences, and those related to him by people he encountered in his travels. His end is as intriguing as his books. In 1913, he went on a tour of old Civil War battlegrounds and vanished without a trace. His disappearance remains an unsolved mystery to this day.

"The night was dark, with neither moon nor stars visible, and Orrin Brower had never dwelt thereabout, and knew nothing of the lay of the land..."  Shandon presents live in Voice. 


Shandon and Cale present Ghost stories from different regions of North America - snips and snippets of ghostly ans ghastly adventures  to finish off the spookiest day of the year.  Gather round the fire and huddle close - IT'S GHOST STORY TIME!

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