TUESDAY, October 29th at 7PM; THE SPOOKY CLASSICS ~ Neil Gaiman

Caledonia presents ghostly stories from some of the classics of the genre.  Each week features a different author associated with tales of the macabre, or plain old spooky.

Portrait of Neil Gaiman by Amanda Boucher

Neil Gaiman

He can equally tickle your funny bone and frighten the "bejeezus" out of you.  There are certainly many contemporary authors in this genre from Steven King to Anne Rice with a bit of Clive Barker in between.  But we have a special place in our hearts at Seanchai Library for the tousle-haired Mr. Gaiman. So that's what we are sharing tonight - Caledonia is joined by Kayden Oconnell.

Presented live from the campfire at Pixeltrix.

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