THURSDAY October 31st at 7pm: A HANDFUL FOR HALLOWE'EN - Short Ghost Stories

"Things that go bump in the night"
Short Ghost Stories

Description:"Tiptoeing forward, he placed his hand on the doorknob.
As he turned it, slowly and silently, a strange fear gripped him." Fear, also, may come in small packages, and although these ghosts be small, they will loom large in your memory.The short ghost story uses a minimum of elements to captivate us, evoking a powerful response before the tenuous air of suspense has a chance to dissipate. Book: 100 Ghastly Little Ghost Stories Authors: Various

Join us in Second Life & Kitely

  • @ 8PM - The Dread DJ Caledonia will spin an hour of Halloween Rock 'n Roll (with a few other things thrown in)
  • @9PM - SEANCHAI LATE NIGHT - Shandon and Caledonia return to the X-Files for: "It's All in the Eyes"

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