TUESDAY, March 12th at 7PM: POETS & BARDS with Caledonia

Whether singing or reciting, the bardic tradition of the celts is one of truth to power, and lyric
preservation of history. Whether stanza or song, it is storytelling in one of its earliest expansive forms.

Caledonia shares two stories around the fire in Ceiliuradh Glen tonight:

THE POET'S CURSE is the story of a bard who let his great power go to his head, as he threatens a King and Queen, and the security of their kingdom.  The shade of an ancient warrior emerges from the mists to save the day.

THE BARD: selections from a greater work by author Morgan Llewellyn.  An young bard takes his first steps towards becoming master of his art, and comes to understand in a very real and dramatic way, the power of poetry.

Presented live on stream.

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