SUNDAY, March 24th beginning at 12:30pm: AROUND THE WORLD with Seanchai Library & Radio Riel

Seanchai Library celebrates its 11th Anniversary with a trip around the world, in partnership with Radio Riel. Join us in Ceiliuradh Glen for an afternoon's journey of imagination and adventure.

12:30pm - Stories in Voice, with Shandon Loring, Seanchai Library Founder Derry McMahon, and Bear Silvershade.

1:00pm - International Folktales on stream, and broadcast on Radio Riel Main Stream, with Da5id Abbot, Faerie Maven-Pralou, and Caledonia Skytower.

FOLLOWED from 2-5pm by: Around the World, a DJ Challenge, live from the Glen
2:00pm - Elrik Merlin
3:00pm - Ktadhn Vesuvino
4:00pm - Gabrielle Riel

Join us in The Glen, or tune in as we celebrate 11 years and over 2000 stories, presented live in virtual worlds.

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