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All times Pacific Time, 
story events in Voice unless otherwise noted.

NOTE TO ALL OUR NORTH AMERICAN FRIENDS - Don't forget that clocks "Spring Forward" in much of the Continental U.S. at 2am on 3.10.19. That includes SLT.

*SUNDAY, March 10th: 

   ~ 1:30pm:  TEA TIME ~ Sherlock Holmes' Greatest Hits. The votes are in, and today we present the first of the top four Sherlock Holmes' Adventures from our recent poll: THE ADVENTURE OF THE DYING DETECTIVE from "His Last Bow" (1917)  with Da5id Abbot, Corwyn Allen, Savanah Blindside, Kayden Oconnell, live on stream in the Library's Fireside Room (Downstairs).

   ~ 6:30pm:  MAGICLAND STORYTIME ~ Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Begins. Have you heard? Wonka is releasing five golden tickets in candy bars! Charlie Bucket may have a chance to find one as Caledonia present Roald Dahl's classic, live on stream!

*MONDAY, March 11th, at 7pm:  Shawntelle Madison's FEAR OF FALLING with Shandon Loring, from the anthology Once Upon A Quest.(Also in Kitely!  Find teleport from the main Seanchai World

*TUESDAY, March 12th at 7pm: POETS & BARDS: The Legacy of Storytelling, short stories presented by Caledonia Skytower.

*WEDNESDAY, March 13th at 7pm:  Selections from THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS with Faerie Maven-Pralou.

*THURSDAY, March 14th at 7pm: THE LADY OF FINNEGAN'S HEARTH Part 1, with Shandon Loring. (Also in Kitely!  Find teleport from the main Seanchai World

 COMING NEXT WEEKEND: A Seanchai Tradition ~"The Quiet Man" on St Patrick's Day!

All sessions held at the Seanchai Library in Second Life unless otherwise indicated. Schedule subject to change, because that is just how life rolls sometimes.  

All sessions at the Seanchai Library are offered free to all Residents.  Have questions? Send a notecard to Caledonia Skytower

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