WEDNESDAY, December 28th at 7pm: FAERIE and GINA TAKE OFF!

Faerie and Gina have a new arrival in their home, this holiday season. A little Jack Russell terrier named Luna now shares their home with the bird, the clock, and all the joys there in.  

In celebration, tonight they will share selections from The Newbery Zoo: a collection of animal tales is a treat for the whole family. It includes stories by beloved Newbery-winning authors from Beverly Cleary and Betsy Byars to Lloyd Alexander and Virginia Hamilton. It contains stories about zoo animals, wild animals, ranch animals, and pets. Animals that can talk and sing as well as bark, caw, buzz, and roar. There's a crow, a camel, a crusty crocodile, lions and wolves as well as cats and dogs, and much more.

Presented live in voice.

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