SATURDAY, December 17th at 1pm: FEZZIWIG'S BALL

Come and join us at the Christmas Past Dock for Fezziwig's Ball, featuring DJ Dano Bookmite!

But the great effect of the evening came after the Roast and Boiled, when the fiddler (an artful dog, mind! The sort of man who knew his business better than you or I could have told it him!) struck up 'Sir Roger de Coverley.' Then old Fezziwig stood
out to dance with Mrs. Fezziwig. Top couple, too; with a good stiff piece of work cut out for them; three or four and twenty pair of partners; people who were not to be trifled with; people who would dance, and had no notion of walking.

Period dress is encouraged but not required. Just come along and dance like its 1843, or earlier!  

The Dickens Project SL benefits Team Diabetes of SL
and is Co-Sponsored by Kultivate Magazine

The Dickens Project 2016 on Water Haven in Second Life.

The Christmas Past Docks, photo by Derry McMahon

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