WEDNESDAY, December 14th: THE DICKENS PROJECT "The Second of Three Spirits"

We continue our walk in the steps of Ebenezer Scrooge, as he takes a good look at what is happening around him in the Present that he has been blind to. Today we continue with Stave Two: The Second of Three Spirits.

"It was his own room. There was no doubt about that. But it had undergone a surprising transformation. The walls and ceiling were so hung with living green, that it looked a perfect grove; from every part of which bright gleaming berries glistened." 

Two opportunities to hear these classic words:
  • @ 1pm slt - Eleseren Brianna presents
  • @ 7pm slt - Aoife Lorefield presents

Live in voice at The Dickens Project SL

The Dickens Project 2016 on Water Haven in Second Life.

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