TUESDAY, December 6th at 7pm: SERAFINA AND THE TWISTED STAFF Continues

Tweens is a tough time.  There's no denying it.  Neither child nor adult, a young person can feel like they do not belong anywhere.  With young Serafina, it is so much worse.  Part girl and part catamount, she cannot help but feel that she belongs neither in the natural world of her mother, or the cultured halls of the Biltmore Estate.

Yet Serafina's heart is true, and she cares fiercely for those dear to her. She is determined solve the mystery of the unexplained attacks at the Biltmore and, even more puzzling, why she is the target for so many of them.

Caledonia continues author Robert Beatty's newest adventure tonight, live in voice.

Learn more about the career and work of author Robert Beatty.

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