MONDAY, December 12th at 1pm & 7pm: A CHRISTMAS CAROL, "Marley's Ghost"

Thus we commence our week with "The Carol", Charles Dickens' "ghostly little book" written in 1843 that has never been out of print.

Each day this week, we  will present a different stave (chapter) of this work at this year's Dickens Project SL.  Today we begin at the beginning with Stave One: Marley's Ghost.

"... it came on through the heavy door and passed into the room before his eyes.  Upon its coming in, the dying flame pealed up, as if it cried, 'I know him! Marley's Ghost!' and fell again."

Two opportunities to hear these classic words:

  • @ 1pm slt - VT Torvalar presents
  • @ 7pm slt - Kayden Oconnell presents

Live in voice at The Dickens Project SL
The Dickens Project 2016 on Water Haven in Second Life.

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