SATURDAY, November 29th beginning at 9AM: MORE NAUTICAL TALES

Join Shandon (below the waves) and Caledonia (above them) for their last Saturday installment of Nautical Tales.All stories live in voice at the Seanchai Homeworld in Kitely.

@ 9am (PST) THE SELKIE - When a young woman is sequestered at a Scottish castle, she accidentally completes an ancient ritual that summons a mythical prince, who turns out to be everything she's ever desired.  Shandon shares a selection from author Melanie Jackson.'

@10am (PST) HORNBLOWER - Caledonia shares more tales from C.S. Forester's remarkably human naval hero, Horatio Hornblower. TODAY: selections from a rarely noted collection of short stories published in 1976, and recently re-issued under the title "Hornblower Addendum" or "Hornblower One more Time."

Hey!  Check out Adam Time's interview with Caledonia on YouTube (you'll have to scroll to it) It was Adam's first time at a Seanchai session, and he was inspired enough to ask about Seanchai, Storytelling, and Kitely. Welcome Adam!  Come often and bring your friends!

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