MONDAY, September 15th at 7pm: FAR FROM HOME ~ "The People" Continues

"The People: Deluge"  by Zenna Henderson 1966, Concludes

The mysterious but friendly emmigrants to Earth return to visit Merris and Mark to tell about their Home and why they can never return.

Gyro Muggins, Live in Voice.

“Here is kinder, gentler science fiction. The People -- the characters from another world who populate this book and Henderson's other tales -- are what you might call the gentler, better and more spiritually-developed side of humanity.” ~ Amazon Reader Review

"Zenna Henderson is best remembered for her stories of the People which appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction from the early 50s to the middle 70s. The People escaped the destruction of their home planet and crashed on Earth in the Southwest just before the turn of the century. Fully human in appearance, they possessed many extraordinary powers. Henderson's People stories tell of their struggles to fit in and to live their lives as ordinary people, unmolested by fearful and ignorant neighbors. The People are "us at our best, as we hope to be, and where (with work and with luck) we may be in some future." ~ nefsa biography

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