SUNDAY, August 31st at 1:30pm; TEA TIME at Baker Street

Published in 1927, THE CASEBOOK OF SHERLOCK HOLMES is the final collection of Holmesian short stories penned by Arthur Conan Doyle.  Corwyn, Kayden and Cale continue their mysterious tour of this canon of work TODAY: "The Adventure of the Lion's Mane"

Of the 56 stories in the Holmesian canon, this story is one of only two narrated by the Great Detective himself.
Holmes is enjoying his retirement in Sussex when one day at the beach, he meets his friend Harold Stackhurst, the headmaster of a nearby preparatory school called The Gables. No sooner have they met than Stackhurst's science master, Fitzroy McPherson, staggers up to them, obviously in agony and wearing only an overcoat and trousers. He collapses, manages to say something about a "lion's mane", and then dies. He is observed to have red welts all over his back, administered by a flexible weapon of some kind, for the marks curve over his shoulder and round his ribs.

Presented live in voice, in the Seanchai fireside room (downstairs).

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