THURSDAY August 15th at 7pm: GWYDION & PRYDERI (from the Mabinogion)

As Pryderi is governing Dyfed, Gwynedd is ruled by Math, son of Mathonwy.
Math's nephew Gilfaethwy has fallen in love with Math's beautiful foot-maiden Goewin. Gwydion, a magician, conspires to start a war so Gilfaethwy can be with her.
Gwydion steals some special pigs, a gift from the king of the Other World, from Pryderi to give them to Math. He then turns toadstools into 12 horses and 12 hounds, which he swaps for the pigs, though the following day they turn back into toadstools. The cheated Pryderi assembles his army to get his pigs back from Gwydion.
Celtic mythology, Arthurian romance, Dragons, witches, and giants live alongside kings and heroes, and quests of honour, revenge, and love. The storytelling world of Medieval Wales is presented by Shandon Loring for your pleasure.

ISBN 978-0-19-921878-3

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