MONDAY, August 12th at 7PM: More from VACATIONLAND

"What a marvel! Stonich, as always, hits a home run with this chain of short stories or chaptered novel. With her keen observing eye that spares no one, with her air-tight sentences and her seamless introductions of the past, Stonich creates complex characters that are familiar yet surprise you." 
 ~ Kathryn Kysar on GOODREADS

"There's something so appealing about an old resort closed down for the season, or closed down forever. As we wander among the cabins and faltering foundations, past the lodge and the camp store, peering into the windows as we go, we always imagine more good times than bad. You can almost hear the ghosts of family vacations -- cook-outs, fishing trips, summer romances, and children squealing joyfully as they run through the long summer nights, well past their bedtimes."
 ~ 'Jeanette' on GOODREADS 

Kayden and Caledonia with a new installment this week, live in voice.

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