THURSDAY June 25th at 7pm: COLUMBO - A Killer's Tale

A Killer's Tale
"Oh, uh.. just one more thing"
Columbo is a shrewd but inelegant blue-collar homicide detective whose trademarks include his rumpled beige raincoat, unassuming demeanor, frequent cigar smoking, an old Peugeot 403, an unseen wife (whom he mentions regularly), and the catchphrase "Just one more thing". His suspects are often affluent members of high society who try to carefully cover their tracks. Initially dismissive of Columbo's circumstantial speech and apparent ineptitude, they become increasingly unsettled as his pestering behavior leads him to tease out incriminating evidence. His relentless approach often leads to self-incrimination or an outright confession by the suspect.

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Story: A Killer's Tale
Author: TJCluedo


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