TUESDAY, March 31st at 7pm: DREAMS IN THE SAND with Ktadhn Vesuvino

The best way to see a sand sculpture is to be on the beach, watching as the sand is piled and carved. Hear the breaking waves, feel the spray on your face, taste the salt on your lips, feel the sand under your bare feet. For most people, opportunity is infrequent.
 This presentation brings the beach to SL. It is woven from three main components, each of which has fascinated Kt for many years. Photography came first, after he inherited a camera and became interested in visual composition. Writing started as something done for himself and grew beyond that limitation. Sand sculpture was an engineering experiment and, through years, became more wide-ranging because he enjoyed doing it.

    Time is the sliding window in which he has built this program. It starts in the fall of 2018 and runs through early March 2020. Some of the sculptures sparked their own poems. Other poems came from less immediate roots, as in between sculptures he thinks about what they're made from and how he make them. There's a shared common core of imagery, word-images, light-images, sand-images. All are necessary.

Presented live on Stream.

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