TUESDAY, September 5th at 7pm: ONE SUMMER ~ America 1927 Concludes

We close out this quick excursion into Bill Bryson's look at America in 1927 with stories about President Calvin Coolidge, a man inclined to scowl; he looked, in the well-chosen words of Alice Roosevelt Longworth, as if he had been "weaned on a pickle".  Whereas his predecessor Warren G. Harding had charm but no brains, Coolidge had brains but little charm.

One Summer: America 1927 by Bill Bryson, is a book written with the author's characteristic eye for telling detail, and delicious humor. 1927 was the year America stepped out onto the world stage as the main event, and One Summer transforms it all into narrative non-fiction of the highest order. Join Kayden Oconnell for one final trip through history as seen by Bryson.

Presented live in voice.

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