THIS WEEK at Seanchai Libraries

We bring stories of all kinds to life, in Second Life
... and other virtual worlds

All stories told in open voice, all times Pacific Time 

*Saturday, April 16th at 11am -  @CRAZY EIGHTS ON LEA 9 - STORY FOREST TOUR II A guided exploration of the Crazy Eights Story Forest with select stories shared live in voice. Guests meet at the Welcome Plaza and join Tour Guides or a walk and a talk featuring some of the 20 stories from around the world found in the Crazy Eights Story Forest.

*Sunday, April 17th, 11:30am - 2:00pm  @CRAZY EIGHTS ON LEA 9 in SL - A CELEBRATION OF POETRY - Ten Second Life Poets share their own works and favorite works of others in this two and a half hour Special Event in the Arena, celebrating National Poetry Month in the U.S.

*Monday, April 18that 7 pm -  @CRAZY EIGHTS ON LEA 9 in SL Featured Book Series #3 concludes with Harlan Thompson's SILENT RUNNING, with Gyro Muggins.  Come a little early to find your way into the "Valley Forge" now docked at LEA 9

*Tuesday, April 19that 7 pm  More Selections from Shonda Rhime's YEAR OF YES with Caledonia Skytower

*Wednesday, April 20th, at 7 pm - DEAD MAN'S CHEST from the Pirates of the Carribean Saga with Shandon Loring (Part 2 of 3)

*Thursday, April 21st:
         ~ At 7 pm - SOLOMON KANE with Shandon Loring

         ~ At 9 pm - SEANCHAI LATE NIGHT with Shandon Loring.  This Week: Whispers from the Abyss  "A slow descent into madness to follow you into your night. These H.P. Lovecraft inspired tales are concentrated bites of terror."

Don't miss exploring the "Valley Forge" while it is still docked in our
Featured Book Area on LEA 9!

Stories in voice and take place at Seanchai Libray at Bradley University  in Second Life, unless otherwise noted in the listing. Schedule subject to change, because that is just how life is sometimes.  

All sessions at the Seanchai Library (SL) are offered free to all Residents.  Guests at Second Life sessions are welcome to join us in donating to our featured charity.  Our March - April featured charity is 
Project Children, building peace in Ireland one child at a time.

Have questions? IM or notecard Caledonia Skytower

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