WEDNESDAY, March 2nd at 7pm: HUNTER'S MOON Begins

Featured Book Series #2 begins tonight on Crazy Eights at LEA 9.

Cousins Gwen and Findabhair may not always get along but their shared love of everything fantastical and fae creates a bond nothing can break, not even Faerie itself. Back together for a summer of gallivanting across Ireland, the cousins find more magic than they bargained for when Finn is kidnapped by the King of Faerie. In that Land, all is not well, and as Gwen sets out to find the help she need to save Finn, she may save all of Faerie too. O.R. Melling weaves her young adult novel, the first in her Chronicles of Faerie series, through real landscapes, tying all together with the threads of myth and legend that make Ireland the magical land it is.

Aoife Lorefield, live in voice, in the newly refreshed Featured Book Area.

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