TUESDAY, March 8th at 7pm: More from ECHO

Three entwined stories focusing on a magical harmonica. 

We rejoin the tale of  12-year-old German boy Friedrich this week. The harmonica is about to enter his life, bringing with it change and hope. Unfortunately, the realities of the rising power of Adolph Hitler and his political party are also about to profoundly enter young Friedrich's life.
Two years later, and at the Bishop’s Home for Friendless and Destitute Children in  Pennsylvania, 11-year-old Mike Flannery finds himself in possession of the harmonica. He and his younger brother are adopted by the wealthy and wounded Mrs. Sturbridge – only she doesn’t intend to keep them, but will have them separated and one of them set to another state home. Only the harmonica might offer Mike a way to secure his brother a place in the comfort and luxury of the Surbridge household.

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