TUESDAY, March 15th at 7pm: A Selection from THE BARD

"Song of Amergin" by Peter Pracownik
"I am a wind in the sea
  I am a sea-wave upon the land
  I am the sound of the sea
  I am a stag of seven combats
  I am a hawk upon a cliff
  I am a tear-drop of the sun ..."
~ from "The Song of Amergin" Translated from the Ancient Texts by James Carey

Caledonia reprises her favorite selection from Morgan Llewellyn's THE BARD, a fictional account of the Milesian invasion of Ireland.  In this selection, the not-yet-legendary Amergin discovers the power of his poetry, when teamed with the harp Clarsagh, as he calms a troubled soul and soothes a dangerous, violent situation.

Presented Live in voice.


Ireland is in the air as we approach our 8th Anniversary Celebration!

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