Okay, we know what you are thinking: "Don't we already have a llama?  The original one: Mr. Shamma Llama Ding-Dong himself?  Mr. Shandon Loring?"  Well, we are not getting OUR Llama, we are getting "A Llama" as our donation to the May-June featured Charity Heifer International. All together , we will donate over $100 U.S. and with that we will be contributing towards the purchase of a Llama which will be given to some worthy household to help them build a sustainable life!

The Library will be dark Wednesday night, July 10th.  But the stories will be back Thursday night with Mr. Shamma Llama Ding-Dong - our Seanchai, Shandon Loring who will be taking us on a trip to Lake Atitlan in Guatelmala.  Seems appropriate . . . They Have Llamas There!!!!

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