MONDAY, July 15th at 7:00PM: "THE CITY AND THE STARS" Final Moments

Gyro shares the final moments of Alvin's odyssey from the classic novella from legendary author Arthur C. Clarke - "The City and the Stars."  Having left the surly bonds of Earth and learns more than he bargained for.  Alvin's discoveries reunite Diaspar with Lys. He then sends the ship, under the command of the robot, to search for the long-lost people of the Empire. He does not wish to search himself - even if there are human remnants in the Galaxy, they are probably decadent - and he has work to do on Earth. Even the environment, he hopes, can be revived in the exciting conclusion (final parts).

Gyro will also share some additional short gems from his capacious library of classic Science Fiction.

Live in Voice.

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