THE WEEK THAT WAS: January 9 - 16

Eeeeek!  Cale got overwhelmed and did not do this on Friday.  But here is a remarkable week of stories . . . has it only been a week in our new home on Imagination Island?

Photographs from the Opening "Winter Feast" at the new site on Imagination Island (1.9.11) ...Kayden O'Connell above
. . . . Gyro Muggins
. . . . Aoife Lorefield
Echo Peapod in her party best!
and Librarian Derry McMahon
Cale gets her goats for Part II of Heidi (1.10.11)
Derry with Part II of Wise Child (1.11.11)
Caedmon Sharkfin with an amazing wealth of Aesop's Fables (1.12.11)
Shandon gets all bearish for Icelandic Folk Tales (1.13.11)
Gyro at the Fruit Planetarium with The Aliens Who Knew, I Mean, EVERYTHING! (1.16.11)
Cale receives a special award from Magicland for two years of stories in the virtual Disney Tribute Park (1.16.11)

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