THIS WEEK at the Seanchai Library: January 9 - 16

We've moved again!  But we are still in the Community Virtual Library Estate (thanks guys!) but on a great corner parcel with an ocean view! Come and see what's new at the Seanchai Library on Imagination Island (landmark to new site in big green revolving box on old site - for the next few days till the region is reclaimed by Linden Labs):

All Stories read live in voice. All times are SLT.

Sunday, Jan 9 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm: A Winter's Feast of Stories to celebrate the opening of Seanchai Library at Imagination Island!  
Monday, Jan 10 at 7:00pm: Part II: Heidi with Caledonia Skytower

Tuesday, Jan 11 at 7:00pm: Part II: Wise Child  with Derry McMahon

Wednesday, Jan 12 at 7:00pm: Aesop's Fables with Caedmon Sharkfin

Thursday, Jan 13 at 7:00pm: Icelandic Folktales with Seanchai Shandon Loring

Also . . . MORE Seanchai events across the Grid

Sunday, Jan 16 at 3:00pm:  Aliens! at Fruit Islands in the Planetarium with Gyro Muggins

Sunday, Jan 16 at 6:00pm:  Snow White Tales at Magicland Park with Caledonia Skytower

Stories all read Live in VOICE. Click on the Large Green Leather Book by the Librarian's desk at the Library for a notecard with this schedule and embedded landmarks for events happening "off-campus."

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