MONDAY, Jan 31st at 7:00pm: "Heidi" concludes

There's really only one important question at this point: Will Heidi make it back to the Mountains in time?

We might not make it all the way to the end of Johanna Spyri's beloved novel, but we will make it far enough to answer this question.  Come and find out what happens, and if we all have to start cheering: CRY HAVOK! LET  LOOSE THE KITTENS OF WAR!

Presented Live in Voice.

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catamari said...

Thank you, Caledonia. I was impressed how long time can you read. Me too I like to read aloud, everyday I read 2 hours more or less. Unfortunately 7 pm SLT it’s very early morning for me, 5 am. I can’t use voice at this time. I hope be able to come in your reading time everyday. I am really happy to listen. If I’ll have text to follow your reading will be really great. You can know me better if you read my blog: Thank you. See you, Cata!