TUESDAY 1 Feb at 7pm: Two Stories by L. Sprague de Camp

The Reluctant Shaman & The Merman

The Reluctant Shaman: Virgil Hathaway, an Algonquian Indian running a souvenir shop in Gahato, New York, is stuck with the task of babysitting a band of stone-throwing sprites from the Iroquois country. When they begin terrorizing the town in their efforts to be "helpful" he has to bone up quickly on Iroquoian magic in order to control them.

The Merman: Aquatic scientist Vernon Brock develops an organic vapor that he hopes will allow a baby alligator to breathe under water. When he accidentally drops the beaker containing his halogen-bearing compounds, Vernon realizes he'd never considered how similar an alligator's lungs are to his own.
Stories in voice.

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