THURSDAY July 23rd at 7pm: Adventures of BATMAN! - "Justice is always Darkest before the Dawn"

"Justice is always Darkest before the Dawn"
Adventures of BATMAN!
As if in a dream only one man can know, he tastes the dirt of the alley he crawls through, the cold taste of his own defeat. Laughter, mad and maniacal, peals from the dark brick walls. In this place, at this time, the Batman's reign is ending. And the Joker laughs.

It was a solo night job. Bruce had gone to Washington to deliver a lecture and had asked me to stay here in Gotham. My job was nailing the Tomcat, a very sharp jewel thief who was hitting all the wealthy West Side mansions.

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Editor: Martin Greenberg
Authors: Garfield Reeves-Stephens - Masks
William F. Nolan - Daddy's Girl

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