TUESDAY, February 12th at 7pm: LOVE in Music & Poetry

Love. The taproot of human life has become engulfed in definitions, delimiters, boundaries, precision that wanders word on word into a desert. And yet... it is real.

There are some songs that find a path through the desert, into the heart of love. There are also poems written by those who see deeply into life, and touch the root.

Ktadhn Vesuvino with music, on Stream
Caledonia Skytower with poetry, in Voice

Join us as we weave and share this uniquely glowing collaborative work.


NOTE: Kt and Cale will be doing this program two more times, and each session is different - mixing and remixing poems and music used into a combination appropriate to the moment. 

~ Thursday, February 14th at 8pm - @ CeSoir Arts ENCORE!
~ Saturday, February 16th at 3-5pm - Lanagan Park (Special 2 Hour Edition)

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