WEDNESDAY, October 10th at 7pm: A HAUNTING WE WILL GO, with E.F. BENSON

“The narrator, I think, must succeed in frightening himself before he can think of frightening his reader…”   
~ E.F. Benson

Caledonia presents E.F. Benson’s “How Fear Departed From the Long Gallery.”

In the competition for Britain’s most haunted house, Church-Peveril beats Hogwart’s Shrieking Shack by several lengths of shrouding linen. Master Anthony, for example, still rides his mare up the front staircase many a night, while great-great-grandmama Bridget occasionally conducts “vague business” by a bedroom fireplace. Don’t speak to her, for she led a “sultry” life, cutting relatives’ throats and disemboweling herself with the axe used at Agincourt.
The present day Peverils are more inclined toward country sports and merriment than the nefarious deeds of their ancestors. But there’s one ghost—or rather three—whom even the Peverils fear.
Join us 'round the fire in The Glen and set your time of day to Midnight, as Cale presents this story, first published in the author's 1912 collection, The Room in the Tower and Other Stories.

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